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December 09, 2013


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One reason why so many people dislike the ACA act is the rising cost for health insurance policies and forcing people to buy coverage for things that they don't need. I.E. Paternity care for men. The ACA forces the middle class to pay more than what they are used to paying because the health insurance pool is allowing more riskier (costly) patients to be able to buy a plan. Now that companies are forced to insure people with pre existing conditions the risk to take is a lot more so obviously there has to be an increase in price.

This act will greatly benefit the poor by taxing the middle class. Even though undocumented immigrants will not be eligible for the affordable care act, the amount of people making below the federal poverty level will heavily tax the middle tax.

Many students dislike the affordable care act because now they will be forced to indirectly pay for other people's health insurance plans. The middle class will dislike it because they have to pay for the poor.


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