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December 21, 2009



Truly appalling, and I must be a stiff, because it's not even mildly amusing, except as evidence of a poor imitation of Twain, and deeply ingrained racialism, on a subject not at all funny (disappearances on the prison yard). Punch always had a Blimpian cast to its humour, and this is a good example. Oh, carrying the White Man's Burden is a very hard thing. Wogs have it easy, you know. This is "black jive talk?" And if it were, "uncannily apt," how so? Marty Peretz is a putz who should have read
Coren's Independent obit.:"[W]ritten an imitation black dialect which makes us cringe today, and made Coren too in later years . . . " Well,it was a different time, and perhaps he laughed at Rastus and Liza jokes, too, and it seems, still does.

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