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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Dean Baker, J. Bradford DeLong, and Paul Krugman (2005), "Asset Returns and Economic Growth":

» http://movermike.powerblogs.com/posts/1111722457.shtml from Mover Mike
I subscribe to Le Metropole Cafe.

The Cafe is a place where investors from all over the world can meet to discuss the vibrant economic and financial issues of the day. The specialt... [Read More]

» Catching my eye: morning A through Z from The Glittering Eye
Here's what's caught my eye this morning: It's an oldie but an evergreen. In anticipation of Easter check out the Marshmallow Peep sites: Peep Research, Lord of the Peeps, more Peep Research, great scenes in Rock 'n Roll history (as... [Read More]

» Asset returns and economic growth - The world has changed from New Economist
Economists looking for something to read over the Easter long weekend could do a lot worse than [Read More]

» A Proper April Fools Day! from Brad DeLong's Website
Yep. It's time for Donald Luskin: Donald Luskin: Click here to read a draft (typos and all) of the 'paper' that 'economists' Dean Baker, Brad DeLong and Paul Krugman will 'present' today at the Brookings Institution (this is a leaked copy obtained at g... [Read More]

» A Note: Returns, Growth, and Financing Social Insurance from Brad DeLong's Website
There is a joke about a professor who says "it is obvious that..." is interrupted by a student who asks "But is it really obvious?..." and then covers the blackboard with equations for thirty minutes in silence before finally announcing "Yes, it is obv... [Read More]


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