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» Productivity Perfidy? from Polemic Propaganda
Wednesday's 2005 SS Trustees report featured many assumptions that were questionable--population growth, productivity, labor participation, earnings, inflation--all of which, coincidentally I'm sure, tended to detract from SS's long-term solvency. On t... [Read More]

» The Trustees' Reports from CommonSenseDesk
Brad DeLong on the Trustees' methodology and justifications for 2005 forecast. [Read More]

» Borrowed Social Security Wonkery from Provisionally Titled
...Oh, and I might as well add that one lesson which we might want to draw from this is that, given the uncertainty about whether or not there is a social security problem at all, it really may be better to wait... [Read More]

» Peering Into the Future from Political Animal
PEERING INTO THE FUTURE....Brad DeLong does some sleuthing today and discovers that last year the Social Security actuaries changed the way they calculate future productivity growth. Brad says that if they still used the old method, they'd be projectin... [Read More]


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