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» DeLong on Hazlitt from Marginal Revolution
Brad DeLong criticizes Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson. [Read More]

from MaxSpeak, You Listen!
Henry Hazlitt is excellent but purveys grievous distortions and omissions of economic thought. Collegiality is nice but there are limits.... [Read More]

» Did Hazlitt Distort Keynes? from Mises Economics Blog
Congratulations to Brad DeLong, the king of economist bloggers, for drawing attention to Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson, if only to criticize him. One wonders if perhaps Hazlitt's book is, next to Samuelson, the biggest selling econ book of... [Read More]

» Free economics books! from New Economist
The Foundation for Economic Education offers an online edition of Henry Hazlitt's 1946 classic work, Economics in One Lesson. Hat tips to Tyler Cowen and Brad Delong, among others. Less well know, Doug Henwood's Wall Street, first published by Verso in... [Read More]

» Shorter Brad DeLong from Indefinite Articles
This is an old post, but a goody: Brad DeLong on Economics in One Lesson We all know that the market system is an amazing decentralized social planning and allocation mechanism if externalities are small, if returns to scale are in general diminishing,... [Read More]

» "Economics in One Lesson" and "Wall Street" from Tech Policy
Brad DeLong recently recommended a couple of free books: First is Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson. Second is Doug Henwood's Wall Street (via nanopolitan). I have added them to my summer reading list. [Read More]


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