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» Free to jump off any bridge he wants from Battlepanda
So lets see. Any collective restraint of private action, even if it will make more people happier in the long run, are bad. Unless they are market maintaining mechanism, presumably. Why ought we want that freedom? The Libertarians says so. Hmm. [Read More]

» Hey Rocky, Watch Me Pull Utilitarianism Out of This (and Every) Hat! from Will Wilkinson / The Fly Bottle
Brad DeLong writes, rather mysteriously, that Julian's parentalism piece "confirms his utilitarianism. convinces me that I would be insane were I to prioritize liberty over utility: that I am right to be a utilitarian." He quotes Julian at length and... [Read More]

» Utilitarian Silliness from David's Blog
I've been following the parentalism-utilitarian debate with some interest that began with Julian Sanchez's Reason article. Even if one is simpathetic to some utilitarian arguments, Brad DeLong's response is less than convincing: "My mind explodes whe... [Read More]


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