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» Know Thine Enemy from BOPnews
One reason that Brad DeLong is a good public servant is his willingness to play tennis with balls made out of Bullshit. I will say what he will not, that his interlocutor, Jeff Weintraub, is engaged in extremely ornate attempts... [Read More]

» Explaining vs. Justifying from Foreign Dispatches
There's an interesting exchange up on Brad DeLong's journal between himself and his former professor Jeff Weintraub, centred around a question many left-wingers respond to with vitriol whenever they see posed. My wise ex-teacher Jeff Weintraub asks whe... [Read More]

» Intellectual Wankery (is a compliment) from Provisionally Titled
This is not an excerpt, and my post adds nothing to the discussion I'm tracking back to. [Read More]

» Explaining v. justifying rape from Universal Acid
There's been some blogospheric discussion lately about the explaining vs. justifying distinction (Brad DeLong, Abiola Lapite, Hilzoy of Obsidian Wings), mostly with respect to terrorism... But of course the distinction does not only apply to terrori... [Read More]


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