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» The subfield split on the dollar from Daniel W. Drezner
Brad DeLong has a very good post up detailing the split among economists at a Jackson Hole conference (poor Brad) about what will happen when the dollar falls in value: My conversations quickly exposed a deep fault among the conference... [Read More]

» Dollar Crisis? Economic Forecasts Differ by Ideology from Economic Dreams - Economic Nightmares
Brad DeLong sometimes gets quickly to the essence of things. In the aftermath of the Fed’s annual meeting in Jackson Hole he leaves us to ponder the warring perspectives/ideologies of various economists that come into play when dealing with monetary [Read More]

» The Next FEMA from Political Animal
THE NEXT FEMA....One of the reasons FEMA failed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is that it had suffered from four years of the Bush administration's signature commitment to cronyism combined with its signature contempt for serious policy developm... [Read More]

» Global imbalances: Martin Wolf warns of 'painful' adjustments ahead from New Economist
Plenty has been written about the vexed issue of global imbalances lately. Brad DeLong has an illuminating post-Jackson Hole account of the two opposing sides in the coming dollar crisis debate (see also the comments). Stephen Roach explains the asymme... [Read More]


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