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» Boston Globe article on the cartoon riots from Politblogo
Via a commenter on Brad DeLong's blog, this excellent opinion piece in the Boston Globe re the Danish cartoon violence and its overall context:Boston Globe - Misunderstanding Muslims: The economics of oil, including the creation of an oppressive local ... [Read More]

» Carl Schmitt from Waggish
Long Sunday has been running a series of posts on Carl Schmitt. I am not at all a fan or a student of Schmitt, and I am not intimately familiar with his work. From what I have read of his... [Read More]

» Deconstructing Stanley Fish from hell's handmaiden
OLeary apparently thinks Stanley Fish makes sense, and perhaps he does but not here. To be fair, OLeary isnt responding to, or quoting, Fish directly but is citing Dinesh D’Souzas TownHall portrayal of Fish’s thou... [Read More]


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