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» John Kenneth Galbraith dies at age 97 from The Fighting Democrat
America has lost one of it's natural treasures... "The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness." - JKG (Updated below) International Her... [Read More]

» John Kenneth Galbraith, 97, Dies; Economist Held a Mirror to Society from The Agonist
John Kenneth Galbraith, the iconoclastic economist, teacher and diplomat and an unapologetically liberal member of the political and academic establishment that he needled in prolific writings for more than half a century, died yesterday at a hospital in [Read More]

» John Kenneth Galbraith (1908 - 2006) from The Everyday Economist
Although he stood six-feet, eight inches John Kenneth Galbraiths height had nothing to do with the fact that he was larger than life. Although Galbraith was an economist, he was much more than that. Galbraith was an ambassador, a political advi... [Read More]

» Galbraith and the little men from Lance Mannion
John Kenneth Galbraith was 6 foot 8 inches tall. I know how imposing that is because I saw him towering over my father once. Pop Mannion is not tall. I've been taller than my dad since my junior year in high school. He dwarfs me, but he's five inches s... [Read More]


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