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» Blogging Derails Unpromising Careers, Too: Part I from Acephalous
[I know how much everyone loves meta-blogging, so I've decided to dedicate a couple of days exclusively to it. All meta-blogging, all the time. I may even refer to points already presented, thereby engaging in the even more beloved practice [Read More]

» Blogging academics and the universities who should love them from Canuckflack
Brad DeLong, an economist at the University of California at Berkeley, discusses the value blogging brings to his work and his university. On his blog and in the Chronicle of Higher Education. " ... every legitimate economist who has worked in governme... [Read More]

» The Invisible College from Outside The Beltway | OTB
Brad DeLong has an interesting piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education entitled The Invisible College. From the conforts of a tenured post at Stanford, one of the handful of best universities on the planet, he muses, I would like a la... [Read More]

» Deans are not so easy to impress... from Dynamics of Cats
How do blogs blend with academia, tenure and family life? [Read More]

» A Message for My Chair, Dean, and President from EclectEcon
From Brad DeLong on the academic value of blogging (link via Marginal Revolution):<... [Read More]

» Academic Blogging and the Invisible College from voluntaryXchange
Brad DeLong an academic blogging. Read the whole thing. Oh wait ... you might not ... so I'm going to break all the rules and just reprint it in its entirety below. I would add that I moved from a [Read More]

» Blogging in Higher Education, The Invisible College from Luke Gilman's Blawg
Bradford DeLong has a great article, The Invisible College, in the Chronicle for Higher Education. The hope of all of us who blog is that we will become smarter, do more useful work, be happier and more productive, and will also impress our deans so th... [Read More]

» The Economist on econobloggers from New Economist
The 3 August edition of The Economist discusses economists' blogs: The invisible hand on the keyboard. The piece asks a good qustion: why do economists spend valuable time blogging? I'm not sure the answers below are especially insightful - Brad DeLong... [Read More]


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