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In his "Economic Scene" column for the New York Times, Tyler Cowen makes a counterintuitive argument: Contrary to popular opinion, China may be good for our trade balance. American consumers seem determined to spend money, and Chinese businessmen have ... [Read More]

» Maybe Dont Look To The Fed, But China from Grandinite
Brad DeLong has an interesting arguement, and when you extend its logic, US interest rates are at least in part determined by decisions made by the Peoples Bank of China to hold US Dollars as a reserve currency. You should read it is all I&#... [Read More]

» Hither And Yuan -- China Growth Is Good For Us All from China Law Blog
As you probably know by now, we are a Legal Blog about China. Though we often discuss business issues, we try to stay on topics where we can add some value for our readers. So we usually leave big issue [Read More]


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