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» Science Can't Substitute For Politics from Economic Investigations
Science and sciency stuff cannot be substitutes for politics. Whoever says otherwise is either lying or just simple-minded in terms of political theory. With the risk of alienating my readers and causing some of them a fit, Ill use... [Read More]

» The Two T's from Political Animal
THE TWO T'S....The New York Time reports today on Karl Rove's strategy for the midterm elections. Unsurprisingly, it's the same as his strategy in 2002 and 2004:Mr. Rove...has settled on a narrow strategy to try to minimize Congressional losses while... [Read More]

» The Aim of Governance? from Snarkmarket
What do you think, snarkatrons? Is this -- I am, as I said above, a reality-based center-left technocrat. I am pragmatically interested in government policies that work: that are good for America and for the world. My natural home is... [Read More]

» http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/archives/2006/09/16468/ from Outside The Beltway | OTB
Reacting to the contrast between Karl Roves purported campaign strategy of emphasizing terrorism and turnout and Brad DeLongs hope that the GOP will begin building pragmatic technocratic policy coalitions from the cen... [Read More]

» FEAR OF A POPULIST PLANET from MaxSpeak, You Listen!
I find this odd, especially coming from a liberal: "The aim of governance, I think, is to achieve a rough consensus among the reality-based technocrats and then to frame the issues in a way that attracts the ideologues on one... [Read More]

» The numerocracy from Politblogo
My friend Craig has a post up about the lack of an aristocratic political theory. Now, I would like to emphasize emphatically that I am not at all an expert on such matters as he is, but merely a lay [Read More]

» Not-So-Sensible Sensible Technocrats from Blogs at CIS - Colin Rule
In a recent post on his very thoughtful blog, Brad DeLong posted a self description that I absolutely resonate with:... [Read More]


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