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» It's Not the Crime, It's the.... from Political Animal
IT'S NOT THE CRIME, IT'S THE....Our story so far: Republican congressman Mark Foley has resigned after a 16-year-old former House page complained that he had received repeated emails from Foley that he described as "sick sick sick sick sick....." You... [Read More]

» Every one of them is a hypocrite from cannablog
Sara Robinson writes the definitive article on the hypocrisy of the right-wing in light of the resignation of Mark Foley, a representative who fronted his strong moral opposition to the exploitation of children, while engaging in solicitous conversatio... [Read More]

» WaPo's Kurtz on WaPo's Foley Coverage from gelflog
On Friday, House Majority Leader John Boehner told The Washington Post that he had told House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert about Mark Foley's page problem, and that Haster... [Read More]


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