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» There's no such thing as a stupid question . . . from Asymmetrical Information
Brad Delong tears into the White Collar Crime Prof Blog for asking the following questions about Enron: * Is it fair for Fastow to receive this low a sentence all because he cooperated with the government? This is yet another case of the government pro... [Read More]

» Skilling, Enron, and the Justice System from Outside The Beltway | OTB
Wayne State law prof Peter Henning wonders whether its fair that former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow is getting a radically reduced sentence for testifying against his corporate superiors, thereby essentially punishing those who elected to exercise t... [Read More]

» Do it yourself from Asymmetrical Information
Why didn't we just sentence Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling to be tied down and raped by a couple of strapping bailiffs? A number of people seem to think that this is what should happen to them. From Brad Delong's Enron post: . . . yeah, most WC criminals ge... [Read More]


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