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» Milton Friedman from Linkmeister
I've been wondering what Brad DeLong would have to say about Friedman. As far as I can tell, the man's policy ideas may have been straightforward in his own mind, but often contradictory to the non-economist. Here was a man... [Read More]

» More Tributes to Friedman from The American Mind
Here are a few more tributes to the late Milton Friedman: Marc Vander Maas at the Acton Institute found a humorous quote from Friedmans Nobel Prize lecture on the irony of his award. To Larry Kudlow Friedmans Ideas matter.... [Read More]

» "The Pro--slavery Democrats" from Inactivist
That's how they are writing about them at Mises.org., with specific reference to Charlie Rangle's announcement that he'd like to bring back conscription -- and not just for the military. Problem is, there are plenty of nanny-state, authoritarians on the [Read More]


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