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» In which I am triumphantly vindicated from Asymmetrical Information
Back in July, I wrote this: Pelosi is promising that if they take the house in the fall, Democrats will roll back the Bush tax cuts and focus on deficit reduction. Who wants to set the over-under on how long it takes them to find some pressing need tha... [Read More]

» Democrats and the Deficit from Economist's View
I am not employed by anyone as a political strategist, for good reason, and at times I am hopelessly naive about the politics surrounding many policy actions. I know most of you see economists as fairly political, but that's not [Read More]

» Krugman Shifts on the Deficit from Economics Unbound
For years, I've argued that the hardline anti-deficit position of the Democratic party was a political and economic loser. For example, here I wrote in December 2004: From Walter Mondale's promise to raise taxes in 1984 to John Kerry's attacks... [Read More]


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