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» Not a bad idea on health care from economist BradDeLong from Generation Risk
but youll hate it, Im sure. Conservatives (and others) think people should have more skin in the game when it comes to paying for health care. That way, well spend less. Bleeding hearts like me worry that if in... [Read More]

» DeLongs Unrealistic, Impractical, Utopian Health Care Plan from Outside The Beltway | OTB
Brad DeLong proposes what he rightly calls an An Unrealistic, Impractic[al], Utopian Plan for Dealing with the Health Care Opportunity. Whats particularly interesting about it is that it begins with a whopping twenty percent tax on... [Read More]

» Healthcare: Letting the Perfect Get in the Way of the Good from Mike the Mad Biologist
I'm usually loathe to rip into a top-notch economist like Brad DeLong, especially when he titles his post "An Unrealistic, Impracticle, Utopian Plan for Dealing with the Health Care O... [Read More]

» An (imperfect) army of health nannies from Adventures In Economics
Politicians, however, have imperfect knowledge of what practices promote good health. If we give politicians the power to hire an army of health nannies, therefore, these nannies will make some mistakes and occasionally push unhealthy practices. [Read More]

» Notes on a health reform plan from Econ-Atrocity / Econ-Utopia
Berkeley economist Brad DeLong offers a qualified (coming from a guy who is not a real health economist but has an undeserved reputation because he was good at translating the economese spoken by real health economists) proposal for heal... [Read More]


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