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» Economist Brad DeLong Defends Geithner Plan; Progressives Respond; Sen. Judd Gregg (R) Joins Republican Chorus of GOP Critics without Explaining the GOP's Much Better Ideas for a Fix from Buck Naked Politics
by Damozel | The debate wags hotly on. As an ignorant layperson, I am slightly cheered to find that one economist I respect thinks the Geithner plan could work and explains how it will reduce unemployment and get things moving forward. Any ray of hope ... [Read More]

» The New Treasury Program (March 2009 edition) from Businomics Blog
We have another new Treasury program. The mechanics are best understood through the examples offered by the treasury (full details here), which describe a loan program and a securities program: Sample Investment Under the Legacy Loans Program Step 1: I... [Read More]

» DeLong: Geithner's Way or Mad Max from Discourse.net
Playing the role of semi-official spokesman, Brad DeLong makes the case for the Geithner Plan. At its core, its the second argument I described in Obamas Vietnam?. Heres DeLong: Q: What if markets never recover, the assets are not fundamentally underva... [Read More]

» "I'd like to go ahead and sell it now" from Black Fish
What happens when a bank fails? The FDIC comes in, takes over, removes management, and wipes out the shareholders. The bad assets are written off and any good assets are put into a new, reconstituted bank in which shareholders of... [Read More]


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