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January 23, 2008


Eugene Kur

I like RPGs.

Pablo Adrian Barrientos

I was born in Mexico.

Joe Cummins

My name is Joe. I studied Philosophy my first time through college, and then worked at Fox Sports Espanol for four years watching Daniel's beloved Liverpool fail to live up to expectations and my beloved Arsenal play the world's most beautiful football.

Kelland Chan

My name is Kelland and I love candy.

Amanda Bradshaw

Hello, there. I have a twin who also goes to Berkeley. So if you make eye contact or wave to me in passing, and I appear unresponsive, then chances are it's probably not me.

Anshul Shah

My name is Anshul Shah. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and lived there for 8 years before moving to Pleasanton, CA (last stop on BART)

Chen Xu

My name is Chen. I like math, basketball and laughing among other things. Also, I am th

Ryan Helbert

Hi my name is Ryan and I like basketball.

Emre Mangir

My name is Emre Mangir and I enjoy speaking with a foreign accent.

Jerry Zhang

Hello all, my name is Jerry Zhang and I'm excited to get up bright and early to make 8am classes. Looking foward to a busy semester.

Elizabeth Creed

I am a graduating senior in the department of Environmental Economics and Policy who is making a career change after 8 years in business management.

During my time at Berekely, I have been studying economics, development and climate change and aim, in the very near future, to work with climate stabilization and climate change adaptation projects.

Deviyani Gurung

Will work for food/crunk juice.

Tianqi Zhu

My name is John, and I like to play go.

Dingjiao Xu

Hi! My name is Dingjiao (dj) and I love pineapple coconut ice-cream.


Hello, my name is Namgui and I usually go by Andrew. I am an international student from Korea and I like to play drums.

Stephen Gu

My name is Stephen Gu and I am a Dallas Cowboy fan.

Stuart Jaffe

The 49ers are coming back soon, I feel it. Give 'em a decade or two and they'll back on top.

David Liu

I am on the Berkeley Ballroom Dancing team

David Liu

And typepad made me try to submit this five times before it let it through

Anne Wu

Hi, I'm Anne Wu, and I've watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail too many times.

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