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July 24, 2007


Ginger Yellow

Even with allowing the mean, it's rather telling that Brooks thinks we're supposed to be really impressed by a 2%, below inflation, one year increase in earnings.

Richard Aubrey

I believe that incomes are capped, for most studies. Last I heard, it was $600,000. So Gates and Gross are struggling to get by on 600 big ones.
Thus, the upward draw of the big shooters is reduced.
It would be interesting--possibly necessary--to have the cap, if any, shown with each study.

Richard Aubrey

Ginger. If the increase is "real" isn't that after correcting for inflation?


Do these income numbers account for perks and other compensation such as insurance benefits? Insurance is a good example of costs increasing without any added benefits, thanks trial lawyers (and Congress for creating the "solution" of HMO's).

Gee, I don't know, maybe the people who did the study weren't complete morons.

Ralph L

"the real average wage for non-supervisory employees has risen 2.8%"
Since non-supervisory vastly outnumber supervisors, you'd think the median would have risen more than 1.1%.

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