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November 27, 2007



I found this review curious. It raised many questions. Among them: Is there not a role for effective demand-stimulated investment (via, say, coordination failures that both Gintis and Bowles are well aware of) from a broadened middle-class? Are business practices of the current US rich toward the poor benign as implied in this review (I doubt it; a visit to any modern meat packing plant will probably bear this out)? Can we not have high productivity and low unemployment with greater equality (maybe the 50s/60s can never be repeated but I don't see any evidence to dimiss the possibility quite as cavalierly as in this review)?

Aside: I do think that Gintis and S. Bowles have made excellent contributions in recent years as they've branched out into applications of evolutionary game theory and behavioral econ. They're always fascinating reads and, thankfully, they are not pure theorists.


What did you think of the book, Brad?

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