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July 25, 2007


Robert Waldmann

The last point isn't just sour grapes. One of the genuine advantages of the internet and blogs is that one can quote by cutting and pasting. This is *almost* as useful as easy hyperlinking (yes the *almost* certainly is sour grapes as the lifetime traffic of my blog would be twice what it is if Brad quoted me less and forced people to click the links he gives me to find out what he is kindly noticing).

Now cut and paste has it's problems as many a cut and paste troll has shown (hmm if Jeff Goldstein a cut and paste paste eater or a cut and paste eater). Still forcing Kevin Drum to transcribe you before he can comment on what you say is deeply deeply dumb.

Jacob T. Levy

Most vlogging is as Kevin described, and uninteresting for those reasons. But Julian Sanchez has shown the way to a brighter future, and one that is not technological regress.


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