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July 23, 2007



While I think the conversion experience is an important consideration here, Hall would likely attribute the phenomenon mainly to articulation, one of his fave concepts. The subject position of Iraq hawk is associated with a whole constellation of other positions, and it takes a tough-minded and perhaps scratchily independent mind to not follow these associations into a coherently conservative position. Plus of course careerism and opportunism play their part. And getting slammed by all your friends for disagreeing on a major issue, and having conservatives start embracing you. But none of these contradict ideas of Gramscian hegemony, they just complicate them at the personal, individual instance (repeated many times over).

The Constructivist

Classic Berube--thanks for the repost. I hope you'll join me in honoring his bloggy legacy by participating in this Friday's analogy contest at Mostly Harmless.


It's the kick-off event for his (made-up) mayoral campaign.


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