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July 05, 2007




This is the well-written rant of someone who doesn't like the fact that it is his party that is out of power and doesn't have its hands on the national security apparat.

So, the Nova Nomenklatura, operating under Cheney, Addington, and the Scooter would have opened up a Thousand Manzanars for their political opponents, using the Dumb Guy from Crawford as The Front.

Only, of course, it didn't happen. It was designed to go after Al Qaeda and their ilk. I know, I know, my rights are being stripped from me before my very eyes:

"First, they came for came for the Qaedist Suicide Bomber, but I didn't care..."

You're still free to post very well written Dealy Plaza stuff and people like Larry Wilkerson, Ray McGovern, and Joe Wilson, professional Man About Town, will continue to rake in the lecture fees proving to one and all that P.T. Barnum was right all along.

In the end, you'll still end up wondering why Condi Rice is being paid considerably more money than you.

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