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December 18, 2007


arty kraft

"The more likely result...is civil war." Mr. Drum's passionaless narrative on this subject has for well over a year minimized the dire straights the U.S. is in because of a virtually nonexistent government in Iraq. The civil war, per se, has been ongoing for at least two years, if not longer despite the periodic diminution of killing. How are things getting better simply because the death rate, for the time being, has lessened?

Juan Cole (juancole.com) has been a far more trenchant observer on Iraq and the Middle East in general. Bloggers neglect Cole's reportage at their own expense.

Drum writes under the pretex that he's a liberal, yet his original support for the war, as well as his subsequent, rather optimistic (read=official version) coverage leaves much to be desired.

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