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December 29, 2007


JF del Giorgio

Without any desire to get into the theist-atheist discussion, I agree that the usual version of an atheist Socrates is not correct. On grave matters he consulted his daimon. He instructed Xenophon to consult the oracle before deciding to join a mercenary army. He was considered the wisest of men by the priests at Delphi (which had the same motto of "Know thyself".
He was judged by impiety, for suggesting new religious ways. He was a religious reformer, not an atheist.
Nice blog, interesting style.
Keep writing

JF del Giorgio

Neil B.

OK, the Greeks "had religion", but still the point is mostly valid: Plato and Aristotle's works on morality, The State, etc, are basically reasoned out in similar vein to the work of Locke, Hume, etc, true?

PS: Yes I am indeed enjoying the tussle between money-cons and theocons, as well as the extra front opened up by Ron Paul true libertarians against the Repiglican establishment. Once Ron dissed "corporatism" on Timmy's show, his fate as any friend of the money/neo-cons was sealed.

Mark Field

I think you misunderstood Socrates' final words. They were not an expression of religious devotion, they were a sardonic comment on life itself -- by dying, he was "recovering" from the dangerous illness of life.

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