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October 04, 2009


John Whitesell

I thought I had reached an intellectual extreme by deciding that conservatives are automatically wrong on all matters of government because, all else being equal, today's conservatives would prefer government policies be harmful then benign. It seemed an absolute conclusion to say conservatives are always wrong, intentionally.

But Kristol's sweeping conclusions put my humble beliefs to shame! He doesn't just stop at telling us that liberal policies must always fail because they are liberal policies. No, liberals are, because they are liberal, metaphysically wrong about human nature. This not only proves the erroneous nature of liberal policies that exist, but non existent policies as well. It is after all, impossible for a liberal policy to be intelligent, but if Kristol has considered this impossibility anyway. And he has wisely realized that it is not that to err is liberal but rather that to be liberal is to err, metaphysically. So while it is impossible for a liberal policy to be good, if good liberal policy did exist, Kristol realizes that it too would be wrong!

Suddenly it makes sense why conservatives wouldn't oppose their own inventions, like cap and trade. No matter how right-wing an idea is it must be wrong if liberals can accept it. Why must Obama doom America by his relentless attempts at bi-partisanship? Doesn't he see that soon there will be no good ideas left? Tax cuts for the rich is the only policy conservatives can still support, because it's the only policy liberals haven't corrupted!

urban legend

"I hate liberals because liberals are hateful." And this joker was considered by some to be an intellect? What kind of jokers are they?

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