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November 04, 2009


Edmund O'Sullivan

Hi Fred.
Apart from its Hegelian origins, which make the application of methodological individualism impossible, Marxism also fails by rooting itself in an objective theory of value. This disallows the obvious truth that people make choices according to what they feel as well as according to what they know. Market prices are the result of objective and subjective factors. Trying to reconcile an objective concept of value (labour) with price, as Marx attempted, is a bit like trying to measure the height of a building using a weighing machine.
A Kantian, individualistic approach coupled with a proper understanding that value is subjective and the fruit of constructive human interaction -- dare I say like this email -- will help deliver a contemporary political narrative that is coherently individualistic, radically critical of bureaucratism in government and business and communitarian in a sense that our friends in Catalonia would recognise.
Yours Aye
Eddie O'Sullivan (MEED), Dubai

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