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November 27, 2009



The Russian people could never rule themselves, but were rather first under the control of superior "Nordic-German elements" and, following the Revolution, under the Jews who successfully "exterminated the previous foreign upper class ... with the help of the Slavic racial instinct." But as Hitler saw it, this Jewish takeover would eventually serve Germany's objectives, since "the overall tendency of Judaism, which is ultimately only destructive," would in time lead to "the destruction of Jewry."

I think it would be valuable to note here that this exactly the same procession that Ayn Rand sees at work in the Soviet Union, except that the Communists are 'leftist parasites', not neccessarily Jews, and the 'Nordic-german elements' have become the 'Producers'. Rand is also essentially eliminationist.

Yes, it is insane; but take out the word "race" and replace it, say, with "Zionism" or "American imperialism," and replace the references to the Soviet Union with references to the United States, and suddenly the discourse is not only crazy but also quite common. The "soft core" of this poisonous rhetoric is to be found among some sectors of European and American intellectuals and academics.

One could also point out here that neo-conservative tracts of the 2002-2003 era that called for a global war on Terrorism suffered the same problem - they claimed to the need to implement the same policies as Al-queda was supposedly aiming for. Likewise, I do believe certain members of the New Republic staff routinely engage in this kind of projection, along with right-wing elements in Israel proper.

Projection: it's not just for breakfast anymore.

Hitler taught humanity an important lesson. It is that when you see a Nazi, a fascist, a bigot, or an anti-Semite, say what you see.

OK! Israelis are behaving like a bunch of low-rent facists, Hamas is desperate and exterminationist in ideology, Al-Queda is basically a crazed and murderous performance theatre group, the Randroids have basically adopted Hitler's (and Rand's!) narcissitic personality disorders as ideology, the base of the Republican party is as crazy as the Germans of the Third Reich because they are convinced of any number of untruths and lies, and the New Republic sucks.

The part about Hitler and his ideology (and his modernist radicalism) is absolutely correct, and pretty damn good.

['The world: it is nutty.']

Maynard Handley

"It is truly astonishing to see how every sin that Hitler ascribed to "the Jew" became part of his own policies as he himself outlined them in his second book and later implemented them:"

Yeah, astonishing. That would never happen in, say, the US.
When the US complains about other countries starting wars without provocation, or torturing people, or kidnapping people in other countries, or crony capitalism, it means every word it says!

And then we get insanity like "The absence of clarity is the beginning of complicity." Jesus, that could have come out the Khmer Rouge handbook.

Honestly, WTF do you find these people? You realize this guy's entire rant has only one purpose: "We must believe what crazy people say, and a crazy man in Iran says he wants to nuke Israel"?

Thorstein Veblen

the author goes a bit overboard: "Throughout campuses in the United States, students ... carried flags, banners, and posters that were mostly focused on one theme: the equation between Zionism, or Israel, and Nazism. Banners portrayed a swastika joined by an equal sign to a Star of David and an Israeli flag featuring a swastika instead of a Star of David. Placards issued the call to "End the Holocaust," and proclaimed that "Zionism = racism = ethnic cleansing," and that "Zionism is Ethnic Cleansing"

Really? All throughout campuses in the US? I've been on many campuses. Never seen any of this. Seems like it would be news if this were happening "all throughout campuses in the US", no? I've never even seen a single Swastika, much less a "Zionism is ethnic cleansing" poster...

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