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January 01, 2010


Robert Waldmann

If this is what I read on egregious moderation, I think I won't check out egregious overstatement. I'm glad that Kos isn't a bill killer (in context "potentially worse than the status quo." means definitely better than the status quo). However, his idea of "little incentive" is "not as much incentive as Marcos Moulitsas would want."

Many of the business practices are banned. Community rating is a simple rule -- hard to play with. The minimum limit on medical loss ratios gives the companies an incentive to cut administrative expenses and makes much of the effort to get around the rules unprofitable. The exchanges could (probably will) solve the huge problem of adverse selection in the individual market.

Republicans are swearing to repeal the bill -- all of it. That is not cackling with glee. Kos's view is clearly that it is unacceptable for Lieberman to win. Lieberman clearly cared about humiliating Kos et al. Their obsession with who won the political bragging rights and indifference to the specific content of the actual bill is strikingly similar.

I'm going to type it. Markos Moulitsas reminds me of Joe Lieberman. For them it's about them.

Unless, of course, Kos is just using reverse psychology on Lieberman in which case he's brilliant.

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