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August 22, 2007


Stephen Yang

I'm a 4th year PEIS major focusing on the growth of China's economy and global power. I sing on Thursdays after this class on sproul with For Christ's Sake, Berkeley's Christian A Cappella.

Tal Yeshanov


My name is Tal. I am a third year PEIS major. I like eating and traveling.

Hye Jin Lee

Hello, I'm a PEIS major taking this course as requirement! I like to sleeep :)

Dorit Iacobsohn

Hi my name is Dorit. I'm a third year PEIS major. I enjoy reading, music, movies, etc. I like cooking too, but everything I cook inevitably turns into a stir-fry. Don't know how that happens...just does. I also LOVE hiking. Sunsets over Berkeley are sublime.

Anthony Risi

Hi, my name is Anthony Risi. I'm a 3rd year PEIS major. I love playing guitar and trumpet and as well as going backpacking in the wilderness and snowboarding. Also I am currently a brother of Chi Psi.

David Grande

My name is David Grande, I'm a 4th year PEIS Major along with Finance and Real Estate learning through Haas. I love to do anything athletic, hang out with friends and just relax. I'm real easy to get along with

Tomas Salcedo

Hi,, Sorry dropping in so late, I am a PEIS major in my fourth year here at CAL. My interests are varied, but history and economics are certainly among them. I hope to meeting everybody in the class at some point, cheers..

Ghislaine Little

Hey so late I totally forgot. My name is Ghislaine, but everyone calls me Ghillie pronounced gilly (family name) I am a third year PEIS major with a focus on western europe haven't decided yet. I am originally from London, but moved to Darien, Connecticut 10 years ago and have been there ever since.

Sam Iverson

My name is Sam Iverson and I am a political economics major with a minor in French. I am thinking of focusing my concentration for my major on the Eastern Europe and the democratization of the post-Soviet states. I plan to attend Law School after I graduate.

Tiffany Sin

Hi my name is Tiffany Sin, and I am a fourth year doubling in Asian Studies and Integrative Biology. I am an aspiring doctor / public health advocator, but I also love travelling, learning about other cultures/politics, snowboarding, health education, and my dog. I thought I had already posted, but I am going to do it again just in case.. :)

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