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August 22, 2007


Lisa Xu

My name is Lisa Xu, and I'm a third year intended double major in PEIS and English. Today is my birthday. :)

Mallory Sadan

My name is Mallory Sadan, I am a third year majoring in Society and Environment and am taking PEIS 101 as a prerequisite. I have not taken any other PEIS classes and do not know much about the major, so I am slightly apprehensive about taking the class.

Francesco Versace

Hi everyone,

I'm Francesco, an EAP visiting student from Milan, Italy. I will attend the Fall semester here at UCB. My major is Political Science, I'm about to graduate at the University of Bologna. The focus of my major is on International Relations.
According to one of the stereotypes about Italians, I will play in the intramural speed soccer league (sometimes stereotypes tell the truth..).
I've never studied International Political Economy, thus I enrolled to PEIS 101 moved both by curiosity and challenge.

Shane Barclay

I'm a third year from Cupertino. Telebears told me today that I need to declare a major. I might do that soon, but I'm going to the Giants game tonight.
Go Bears!

Helen Louie

Hi! My name is Helen Louie and I’m a 4th year double majoring in PEIS and Legal Studies. I’m involved in Cal Habitat, Berkeley Project, Alpha Phi Omega and some other clubs. In addition, I like food, a lot!

Susanna Babos

I'm a foreign student from Mid-Europe,this is my 4th year here.I also play for the tennis team. I am a mass comm major,PEIS minor.

Irina Zeylikovich

Hi, my name is Irina and I am a 3rd year history major still looking for an emphasis (although Europe looks pretty appealing right now) and I intend to minor in PEIS. I'm looking forward to days spent by Strawberry Canyon pool, so long as the weather is obliging.

Jazmin Segura

I'm a 4th year PEIS major with a concentration on Mexican Immigration, by the way I need to declare soon;) I'm looking forward to Thursday's bonfire at the beach...

Nina Brooks

My name is Nina Brooks and I am a Junior majoring in PEIS and minoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. So far, PEIS has been everything I wanted and more, so I'm pretty excited about this class (please let me in!!)

Ivette Tam

Hi everyone. My name is Ivette and I'm a 3rd year intended PEIS major. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and this is actually my first regular semester back at Berkeley after my long break (took a year off last year)! I love food, yet I consider myself the worst cook anyone would ever meet in life. See you all in class on Thursday! :)

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