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September 13, 2007


Anthony D'Amato

I must be enjoying reading your notes since the time is 3:32 a.m. Many people have blamed World War I on greedy bankers. A minority view, however, is that bankers are disrupted by war, they prefer to make money in times of peace. I was looking for your take on this.

Anthony D'Amato, Leighton Professor of Law, Northwestern University.


"We can debate why Norman Angell was wrong. But it is perhaps better to start by narrating how he was wrong."
Perhaps it is better to start by stating what exactly you say he was wrong about. I read the excerpt, and nowhere in there does he state that WWI is impossible, or even unlikely. Your lecture continues, Boer War, World War One, Keynes, never getting back to Norman Angell and what he is so wrong about. So . . . what are you talking about?

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