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September 04, 2007



Wow! Where did you get your data for Homestead??? I grew up in Pittsburgh (mckees rocks) to Polish millworkers who came in 1906....I grew up on stories about Carnegie exploiting slav labor. My grandma's father worked in the mill and she had to get shoes from FDR and pick up coal after the train would go by. There was no job security and rampant discrimination/racism. Since so many people were ready to work, workers could not fight for anything because they would be sacked.
and Homestead was originally anglo-saxon (german and british) workers which is why the strike was sooo bizarre because originally the employees were ready to sit down w/ Carnegie/Frick in their own collective anglo glory (aka workers were seen as inherently dumb honkey trash like the pollacks were). maybe in 1910 dollars it seemed like the best place on earth but that claim can't be made in reality. I am taking peis 101 now with a different prof. and have a midterm tomorrow and stumbled upon your site but you are full of b.s. with this data AND analysis.

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