The Medium Lobster Strikes Back
Ezra Klein's Transformation Continues

April Fools Day Continues!

April Fools Day not only came early this year, it continues late. A correspondent writes:

Donald Luskin:

NRO Financial April 4, 2005: The actuaries, as noted earlier, assume about 1.9 percent annual real GDP growth over the coming 75 years.... At the same time, the actuaries assume 6.5 percent annual real total returns to stocks.... What’s the complaint, then? Where’s the inconsistency?..

Donald Luskin:

NRO Financial February 2, 2005: Krugman does make one good point... stock returns in the neighborhood of 6.5 percent will not be possible over the coming 75 years if economic growth is as low as the 1.9 percent rate used by the actuaries of the Social Security Administration in their solvency estimates...

There is one thing that puzzles me: Is Luskin genuinely too dumb to remember what he wrote two months ago? Or does he just think that National Review's readers and editors are too dumb to remember what he wrote two months ago?