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The Missing Apple

Safeway Goes Upscale

Found today:

Frieda's Fingerling Potato Assortment: Fingerling potatoes are small, thin-skinned potatoes originating out of the Andes Mountains in Peru. Now grown in limited supply high up in the Rockies, Frieda's Fingerling Potatoes represent the best of all the fingerling varieties. Frieda's Fingerling Potato Assortment includes the Yellow Russian Banana, with its rich and buttery flavor; the red-streaked and smooth-skinned French Fingerling that has a delicate nutty flavor; the sweet thumb-shaped and pink-fleshed Red Thumb; and the Ruby Crescent with its deep, earthy taste.

Try them baked, roasted, grilled, steamed, fried, sauteed, boiled, or mashed. Slice them into salads, soups, or use them as a pizza topping. Frieda's Fingerling Potatoes offer such a delicious natural flavor there is no need to add anything to them... they are that good.

In my experience, potatoes are as close to tasteless starch as can be attained in this world or the next...