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Robert Waldmann Is Utopian (Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?)

Are There Any Senators in the Republican Party?

And does anyone who really is a senator--rather than a participant in a clown show--really want to put Patricia Owen on the federal bench:

Pandagon: Useful information: "The Houston Bar Association just released 2005 judicial evaluations, so everyone can check out what the bar association of one of the most conservative cities in the country thinks of Priscilla Owen's service on the Texas Supreme Court. It's a pdf file, so I'll summarize--they think she stinks. 39.5% rated her as outstanding, 15.2% rated her as acceptable and 45.3% rated her as poor. Of course, in Bushland, having nearly half of your constituency think that you can't tell your ass from your head is considered a mandate.