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Lessons From Medieval Trade

Avner Greif's book draft is online:

Avner Greif Book: Institutions and the Path to the Modern Economy: Lessons from Medieval Trade

  1. Introduction
  2. Institutions and Transactions
  3. Private-Order Contract Enforcement Institutions: The Maghribi Traders Coalition
  4. Securing Property Rights from the Grabbing Hand of the State: The Merchant Guild
  5. Endogenous Institutions and Game-Theoretic Analysis
  6. A Theory of Endogenous Institutional Change
  7. Institutional Trajectories: How Past Institutions Affect Current Ones
  8. Building a State: Genoa’s Rise and Fall
  9. On the Origin of Distinct Institutional Trajectories: Cultural Beliefs and the Organization of Society
  10. The Institutional Foundations of Impersonal Exchange
  11. Interactive, Context-Specific Analysis
  12. Institutions, History, and Development

It's clear what I'm going to be doing today. I expect great things.