Daniel Gross Sees the End of the Housing Boom

It's a Close Race!

Daniel Gross believes that Steven Moore has snatched the Stupidest Man Alive crown:

MOORE-ON: It would be nice if an agent with human intelligence edited the articles that appeared on the Wall Street Journal editorial page. If one did, we wouldn't have lines like this.

Stephen Moore, a member of the Journal's editorial board, writes in today's paper:

The explosion of benefits paid to workers is in large part an artifact of the federal tax code, which allows employers to deduct from taxes pensions, health care, child care, and the like, but not wages.

Read it twice. Stephen Moore apparently thinks companies can't deduct wages paid to their workers from their taxable income the way they can deduct pension, health care, and child care costs. And apparently nobody at the Journal's op-ed page knew enough, or thought enough, to correct him.