Why Oh Why Are We Ruled by These Incompetents? (Support Our Troops Edition)
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Kitten Blood

From Lindsay Beyerstein, I learn that:

Majikthise : Puppy blood: Eugene Volokh affirm[s] that the Iraqi insurgency is bad and emphasize[s] that Westerns who make excuses for brutal theocratic thuggery are bad, too. [He a]cknowledge[s], when pressed, that there are very, very few Westerners in this category, but insist[s] that these people are nevertheless bad. Bravo.

Let me say "Bravo" to Eugene as well. That is a brave and true thing for him to be willing to say.

I for one, would like to also denounce adherents of the Republican Party who pretend to "adopt" kittens from animal shelters, and then kill them and dissect their little kittenish bodies with knives. I acknowledge that rather few Republicans are in this category, but I insist that these people are very bad.