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It Is the Twenty-First Century, After All

Mike Feldgarden thinks we should have a Supreme Court justice who doesn't believe that opposition to apartheid is automatically support of communism:

Mike the Mad Biologist: In other political news, the NY Times reports that Roberts believed opposition to apartheid was based on Marxism and support for communism:

... in 1982, John G. Roberts Jr. wrote a memorandum... in response to a letter to the Justice Department in which TransAfrica's president at the time, Randall Robinson, said he would be providing a free subscription of the organization's policy journal.

TransAfrica was set up to lobby the government on behalf of American blacks on issues relating to Africa and the Caribbean. It had organized a series of successful demonstrations outside the South African Embassy before that country abandoned apartheid.

Mr. Roberts's superior, Kenneth W. Starr, asked him in a memorandum to draft a thank-you note to TransAfrica. Instead, Mr. Roberts wrote on Feb. 16, 1982, that no thank-you note should be sent. "Sometimes silence is golden," he wrote. "TransAfrica is the American lobby group supporting various Marxist takeover attempts in Africa, particularly Namibia."...

Roberts got worked up over a thank you note.