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I'll Stop Calling This Crew "Orwellian" When They Stop Using "1984" as an Operations Manual

Scott McLemee watches David Horowitz in action:

Inside Higher Ed :: Piled Higher and Deeper : David Horowitz makes clear that he is not a liar just because he told a national television audience something that he knew was not true.... In February, while the Ward Churchill debate was heating up, Horowitz appeared on Bill O'Reilly's program. It came up that Horowitz, like Churchill, had been invited to lecture at Hamilton College at some point. But he was not, he said, "a speaker paid by and invited by the faculty." As we all know, university faculties are hotbeds of left-wing extremism.... [W]henever Horowitz appears on campus, it's because some plucky youngsters invite him. He was at Hamilton because he had been asked by "the conservative kids."

That came as a surprise to Maurice Isserman, a left-of-center historian who teaches at Hamilton College.... [H]e's been called all sorts of things... but "conservative kid" is not one of them. And when Horowitz spoke at Hamilton a few years ago, it was as a guest lecturer in Isserman's class on the 1960s.... "Horowitz was, in fact, an official guest of Hamilton College in fall 2002, invited by a faculty member, introduced at his talk by the dean of the faculty, and generously compensated for his time."

I will leave to you the pleasure and edification of watching Horowitz explain himself.... [H]e could not tell the truth because that would have been a lie, so he had to say something untrue in order to speak a Higher Truth.

And here's Horowitz:

Academe/November-December 2005/Letters to the Editor : When I was asked if it wasn't to Hamilton's credit to have invited me, I had two seconds to decide.... I thought that if I just say, yes, Hamilton should be praised, that would be a really big lie about the reality of my experience at Hamilton and on university campuses. So I said I was invited by conservative students, which was true of my most recent visit to Hamilton, but obviously not the whole truth.... Professors like Maurice Isserman ought to be concerned about the one-party culture they have created in institutions that once honored intellectual pluralism and fairness. Considering this, my only conclusion can be that Isserman must regret bringing David Horowitz to Hamilton. That's the truth I was driving at.