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Why Oh Why Are We Ruled by These Liars?

The Bush administration: lying about everything, everything. Duncan Black reports:

Eschaton: AP, 1998: "Helping matters, [George W.] Bush also speaks fluent Spanish..."
Portsmouth Herald, 1999: "Bush also took a question from a Spanish reporter and answered in fluent Spanish..."
McLaughlin Group, 6/2000: "MR. O'DONNELL: Absolutely, and they both -- they both do it well. I mean, George W. Bush is fluent in Spanish..."
CNN 8/2000: "PRESS: Well, I wonder how good George Bush's Spanish is. Did he know what the lyrics were before he said they ought to play the song at the convention? I don't know. O'BRIEN: Yes, he says he's fluent..."
Scott McClellan today: " White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the assertion did not ring true to him because, 'The president speaks Spanish, but not that well. I'm saying that not only was that suggestion absurd, but that he couldn't possibly sing the national anthem in Spanish. He's not that good with his Spanish,' McClellan said..."