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To the Forestphone, Commissioner Gordon!

Henry Farrell writes:

Crooked Timber: A rather important political development in Italy. Marco Mancini, the second-in-command of SISMI, the Italian intelligence agency has been arrested, along with his former boss, General Gustavo Pignero, for his part in the extraordinary rendition/kidnapping of Abu Omar. The NYT also has a piece on this, but its focus is on the magistrates' decisions to issue arrest warrants for four Americans who were allegedly involved. It seems to me that the SISMI part of the story is the more important one. There's no prospect that the US is going to comply with warrants issued against its agents, but there is a real possibility of substantial political repercussions from the SISMI arrests...

I want to learn more, so I surf on over to the website of Robert Waldmann, and find that there is nothing yet. (Wald-mann = Forest-man.) Alas!