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Let Us All Praise Ben Bernanke!

"It's a Great Market to Be a Worker!"

Nope. We failed. We tried to lure Kevin Hassett off the Bush-obsequity reservation with trade goods. But we failed.

Daniel Gross has the binoculars:

Daniel Gross: September 03, 2006 - September 09, 2006 Archives: SPIN CYCLE TWO: They must be spiking the water cooler over at AEI. In response to last week's Census Bureau report, which showed that median wages for people under the age of 65 (i.e. workers) fell last year, and that the percentage of workers without health insurance rose (again), Kevin Hassett of AEI told the Wall Street Journal:

Times are good for workers. They've got high consumption, high income, really low unemployment, a fairly secure work environment -- it's a great market to be a worker.

There are problems with median earnings numbers, but if it were a great market to be a worker, percentage changes since 2000 would not look like this:


Stuart Buck and Megan McArdle point out that this figure mixes data, and so is much too pessimistic. Let me look for an accurate map...