Economic History Seminar: October 30, 2006
Macaque Says: Thank You Very Much!

Democratic Senators Represent 91,175,000 People. Republican Senators Represent 81,354,000 People

I wrote:

One way to look at last night's election is that the implicit gerrymandering of the Senate and the in-the-tank-ness of the press corps are keeping people from realizing how big the blowout was. Consider this: it looks like 32,100 thousand Americans voted for Democratic Senatorial candidates, and only 24,524 thousand Americans voted for Republican Senatorial candidates. That's a 13.4% margin of Democratic victory.

Hoisted from comments are Mo:

Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal: Fair and Balanced Almost Every Day: 32,100,000 vs. 24,524,000: Here are the totals for the complete Senate, using Brad's numbers for last night:

21,428,784 18,665,605 02
37,645,909 38,164,089 04
32,100,000 24,524,000 06

91,174,693 81,353,694

Call it a ten-million seat majority.

Posted by: Mo | November 08, 2006 at 08:21 AM

And Neil':

The lack of emphasis on actual numbers of votes comes mostly from two strains: It's partly the SCLM's corporate slant on minimizing populist ways of interpreting what happens, and also the ingrained "republican government" obsession with the States as such being the unit of political expression, not (ironically, coming from "individualists") the individual voter.

Posted by: Neil' | November 08, 2006 at 08:39 AM