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Stupidest Men Alive Contest Nominations: Mickey Kaus

Stupidest Men Alive contest nominations. Matthew Yglesias nominates Mickey Kaus:

Matthew Yglesias / proudly eponymous since 2002: Simple Answers to Silly Questions: Mickey Kaus:

What does it tell you about a political party if in a year of epic disaster for their opponents the best they can hope for is a 51-49 majority in the Senate?

That there are only 15 Republican-held Senate seats on the ballot this November, that the composition of the Senate naturally favors the GOP, and that defeating incumbent legislators is difficult.

*Editor--But Mickey Kaus isn't stupid! He knows perfectly well that for the Democrats to unseat six of fifteen Republican incumbents would be an amazing achievement. Kaus just thinks that his readers are stupid, and will buy his trash-talking of Democrats. Nominate him for the most mendacious men alive contest, not for the stupidest men alive one.*