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Applied Utilitarianism: The Price of Oranges in Berkeley

The big frost that devastated the California citrus crop was two weeks ago, yet prices did not jump immediately. Only recently have the prices of boxes of small EZ-peel oranges at Trader Joe's risen, from $4.99 to $7.99 a box.

This tells us that such oranges are not storable--if they were, Trader Joe's would have kept them in the back until now, and so made an extra $3 a box. This also tells us that the memory of eating oranges is not storable either--it it were, consumers would have gorged themselves on oranges as soon as they realized they were going to be scarce this winter, and so saved themselves an extra $3 a box.

What other goods can you think of that are "nondurable," in the sense of neither being storable by producers or sufficiently memorable to consumers? What goods are "durable" in either of these senses.