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Help Us, Fafnir! You Are Our Only Hope! We Need Your Pie Expertise!

Is a life without Fafblog worth living?

John & Belle Have A Blog: Fontana, agreed. I left the OED out of my first comment, expecting universal acclamation and thanks, but then everyone ignored me, and damn, you can't ignore a blogger. Posted by: ogged

How good that we agree. What's really sad about this whole thing is that we don't get 20-something comments on anything at that other blog and Belle does it with dessert. Posted by: FL

ogged you are crazy. Your definition would exclude not just the Boston cream pie and the Shepherd's pie but the noble and evertrue Pumpkin pie. If a pumpkin pie is not a pie, wellthen I do not want to live in a world with your cold mechanical robot pies! Posted by: fafnir

Fafnir is right. I do not eat pecan cake. Neither do I eat key lime cake. In a sane world, all cakes would be square and all pies would be round and we'd all join hands and raise songs of praise for our precise dessert categories. Bundt would be neither cake nor pie, but in a category with doughnuts. But the world is insane. And I have only been able to secure three and twenty blackbirds for my cake. Posted by: apostropher